Why men fart louder then women?

The typical individual farts roughly half a liter every day, and while many women would deny it, ladies fart just as frequently as males. In fact, a research found that when men and women consume the same food, women have more concentrated gas than men.

Why men fart louder then women
Some flatulence is natural, but excessive farting is sometimes an indication that the body is overreacting to specific meals. This might indicate a dietary intolerance or a digestive system issue like irritable bowel syndrome. People typically pass gas 5–15 times each day.
Excessive gas can indicate readily treatable reasons such as lactose intolerance and particular sensitivities to certain meals (e.g., beans, cabbage), as well as certain laxatives and ibuprofen. However, significant reasons such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and diabetes might occur.
Although farting may appear impolite, the scientific community agrees that farts are harmless. Couples should not be embarrassed or bashful about passing gas in front of one other.
“In my perspective, males are more prone to regard their feces as normal, but women are more likely to consult their doctors regarding gas, bloating, and foul-smelling poo.” So it’s actually a toss-up as to whose feces is worse.
Similarly, there is no discernible difference between the sexes. A healthy person passes gas between 12 and 25 times each day. However, depending on the meals consumed, it is not unusual for folks to fart more than this. Only 1% of the gases produced in farts are unpleasant.
Sticking your chopsticks straight up in your bowl of rice is considered impolite in China or Japan because it is too close to the motion of setting incense sticks during a funeral. Also, feel free to skip the beano–farting after a meal is a way of thanking your host.
Most people need two to six months to feel comfortable farting in front of their significant other. According to Mic’s study, the most common moment to stop the fart-free ideal is before your six-month anniversary.
At least, that’s what eharmony recommends after a recent research discovered that couples who fart together remain together. According to a recent poll performed by the online dating site, couples wait six months on average before farting in front of their partners, with those under the age of 24 only waiting three months.