What is your amazing new idea for a breakfast cereal format that is not currently available in the UK market and is made with wholegrain oats?

BY THE MARKETING PLACE | August 12, 2021

Oats is one of my favorite food. I wanted the super sugary ones. People don’t make cereal at home because the process is high. Low calorie not healthier. Most of them are made are some kind of grain. Which are my has many lie lower calorie low fat. Grains are almost the same. Most of in America how much bowl is fill. Breakfast cereal format I prefer the red rice and and dry fruits mix with wholegrain is fuel. I prefer cinnamon. Serving size is vary comparing with sugar. More wholegrain to the diet.

I prefer equal number of white rice and brown rice. Mixture of oats as new idea I will prefer whole wheat, corn ,brown rice ,wild rice, furor to my oatsApple cinnamon into oats and cinnamon and topping with maple syrup. Second lemon juice and blue berries and almond milk. Next peanut butter and banana and serve together and honey and ham seeds. Chocolote and coconut with wholegrain oats and combine top with coconut chips and chocolate chips. Next with oats and jam and coconut flakes and chopped peanut

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Next can use oats and cashew butter and vanilla bean powder and topping with chocolate and almond milk and sea salt. Oats omelet is also my favorite and and milk and eggs vegetables onion carrots tomatoes coriander leaves and mix everything well and cook on oven. Also I try bananas and egg white and coconut milk and creamy base. Also I like Armand milk, raspberry, honey and lemon zest. Also add banana mash cocoa powder and honey. Also try vanilla yogurt blueberries honey and vanilla extra and nuts. Also try apple dice and cinnamon powder and honey.

Well sometimes eating oatmeal every day is that lower the cholesterol and lower ldl isn’t not is also high in starch and big spike in blood sugar and high blood sugar. Eating oat meal everyday can cause fat and also. But if I try out wholegrain oats I didn’t have any problem at all. Another mostly in market when it comes to oats we don’t find spicy by using steal cut oats. Cook steal cut oats with garlic onion and curry leaf cooked with oil and mix boil chickpea and finish with nuts and green pea. Also we can use whole grain oats cutlet for breakfast. Where you have to cut all the vegetables, carrot, onion, garlic and mix them with potato chopped and add oil and cook them.

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After that blend the oats and mix them and make cutlet and coat with breadcrumbs and egg and deep fry and can serve with mayo and ketchup. Very spicy and mouthwatering. Those juices comes out pretty well with oats and fried cutlet. When it comes to oats we always think of adding sugar. But actually oats is more notorious and healthy when we have it with other ingredients which are not sweet. Well for that I can recommend oats cheese meatballs. Oats cheese meatballs it’s so crunchy and cheesy with mouthwatering taste. Its mix with blend oats and beatiful chopped beef mix with spicy and shredded cream cheese coat with meat to make it best way cook the meat with garlic onion curry leaves and mix the grounded oats and mix separately with cheese an milk. After its cook. Mix with egg wash and breadcrumb and deep fry with sunflower now you have sunflower cheesy meatball oats.

Omg when I am writing this my mouth is so watering right now. Its best served with spicy BBQ sauce. Mamma yummy. Have you ever heard of coconut oats? You can blend the oats and mix scraped coconut and add whole grain floor and make a nice pizza and add a we coconut mix pizza oats. Isn’t that new pizza oats. Better try it out .ok now let’s see hmmm... i think to get more wholegrain we can make oat cakes. Wholegrain cake mama special. Wow that’s new. ok the ingredients just make the ordinary cake and just add grinded oats powder and try it out. Wow nice looking cake and we can make it beatiful and healthy. Yes that’s new. Ideas are coming now. Mm…yeah so we can see something like fruity oats .ok everyone like fruit salad maybe after a heavy meal we want that desert to make our day.

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so let’s do something like this. Mouthwatering name ahhh? Tropical fruity oats. Wow...That’s new ok so make the ordinary oats and do a fruity salad and toping with oats. Yes it’s a mess but lovely isn’t it? who does care about first impression if it’s healthy and taste good. Let’s eat it. Powdering oats makes things easy then just cooking because if we powder them we can add more ingredients and the portion is balance. But when it comes whole the portion is much bigger and we can add less more other ingredients. however food is food. We cannot waste. Usually after deep sleep a breakfast has to have a one meal with so much on it. With wholegrain if we can mix another wholegrain it be much healthier and I has to be something way too opposite and morning is very busy therefore it has prepared fast so another way we can do it like making juice.

Using vegetables and like we cook it and cool it down and sugar it ice it and drink it. With that another idea came for me. How about ice cream. Who doesn’t like ice cream. ok its Covid so make oats ice cream's. Huh. that's its not. That’s why we test it eat it and feel or puke it. mostly it has to be sweet. Mix butterscotch with oats. Wow...You better try it at homesvanilla oats, chocolate oats, blueberry oats, and mango, name all the ice cream and add oats. You will be surprise.  

What is it about your idea that will appeal to consumers? What makes your idea delicious, healthy, filling and convenient?

It’s very simple. Two things have a mouthwatering content. It can be a picture or video or anything. And just have few words describing. Man I am not telling about his food. How he feel it when he have it. That should be there. Ok let me try out. Ok you are the custormer and I am the food. Now you are trying something to eat I have to make you somehow buy how I do it ’’Hey you!!!!, eat me before your wife eat you for breakfast’’ ’what do you has to be catchy as well as creative and it has to matching for his life.

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For an example let’s take a student who is hungry. Ok so I will say ‘’hey!! Exam sucks have a bite and take a break you did what you can’’ so now you saw I made 3 things here. Student life is depend on studies and exam he can fail or pass it doesn’t matter.2nd thing when stress comes people eat a lot so I say have a bite and take a break. The student needs a break. Finally finish off with something motivated like student did what he can all doesn’t score 100% or we don’t need exam if everyone is already smart. Anyhow the vendor doesn’t care his long as more sales and commission and affiliate it it’s all done. Job well done. The traditional marketing doesn’t work at all.

We are dealing with all generations all Algorithm generation they don’t want to waste time reading whole description about food. Everything can find in internet and make a trip advisor comment and screw the business. But trip advisor is not a bad place for organization. It’s like Facebook now. Best platform to show your food. I will try my best to make this content more interesting to read. Ok so we see something like you want healthy. Mm healthy is good but when it comes to food more than healthy why not go with filling.

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Because algorithm in the body doesn’t undemand the healthy as long the stomach has filled its o to sustain and run the machine-like a gpa craving crpto. we need more gpa to the body not the best more filling has to make that just like I told before. so little ingredients in we can say like ‘’ Do you know I (food) I have 101 filling ingredients for your stomach’’ and place a nice drawing of food maybe SpongeBob holding the crabby patty place with oats patty. ahhhh so this another idea wholegrain oats burgers. wow. You can add this one again to your first question. There is one more thing I think is all marketing for vendors. We can do like everyone one have smartphone and Instagram and Tiktok.

so we can promote maybe for a pre-opening. Take a selfie and post and Instagram or make a Tiktok dance holding the food and get a free meal. pre opening is very important then it comes to food. It’s expensive and valuable because like first impression. How you met your girlfriend or boyfriend on first day. Full of surprise and it has to be very energetic and full of happening. Grabbing the audience it’s not an easy job as you see. We can sell the items for elder but who spend the most and waste money are the younger we have to make more happening.

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You know we are dealing with we have to deal with senses. School have taught us right our senses. Eyes, ears, smell, touch, blah…so eyes is the content ears is sound unique music for the food. smell. just open up the kitchen window or make a exhaust fan. Touch just see the size of our palm. If the food is less portion then you’re it not going to work my fiend. Just make the portion filling.

People are hungry. Look at their stomach. DO YOU KNOW Fine dining sucks? Kid’s meal in fast-food restaurant is more filling. What makes your idea delicious, healthy, filling and convenient? That’s right it has to be filling all the above what has given a value to the food and people are rich they can pay well. But can you bring the rich people if the food is feed them well and they will call the other rich people to make you eat you. You might be thinking why I am so talkative here.

been working in kitchen for hotels an satisfying guest is two different to make it one is the make it perfect like ad more colors and fill the plate.


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