Do you feel comfortable shopping in store this holiday season?

BY THE MARKETING PLACE | August 12, 2021

My answer is NO. The reason is holiday season has changed due to pandemic and people had a grate holiday with family friends and children for entire year.

Therefore shopping has stopped because shopping what we don’t like is what we learn from our life. And I don’t get excited in shopping spree because now we have understood that sometimes we shop for what we need.

It’s very uncomfortable to shop because it’s not what we want in shopping store. Sometimes going to the place it’s not available . 

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I don’t like social gathering because it’s too much for human. Everyone is busy finding a way to live and only they shop for what they can eat for today. Seasonal holiday never excite me anymore and discounts and black Friday.

People don’t need those stuff anymore. Now money is very important for everyone for survival.

Medical bills, utility bills, internet, and tax house rent. Shopping I store is like you are trapped on debt. Sometimes stores are empty and stuff are gone. Now time is money and I am lazy to go to store and buy stuff.

Everything can do online and everything can be order. Uber eats you can eat Ebey you find it’s a waste of building to open a store. Now you can buy used cloths in ebey and I got it from auction and it was so new.

I am won’t say I am uncomfortable it’s just I am lazy to waste my time looking something. 

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I don’t eat much and if I want to buy I just order online. But there is something like this. When it comes to cloths we have fit on or sometimes what we order online is way too big or small. We can’t do that online.

Sometimes I don’t like to wait for long time for the product. I can be fully packed and stay a long line in checkout counter. I don’t like crowd’s loud people and sales talks everywhere trying to sell something. Hygiene is very important but it’s very contaminated people touch the product like 1000 times a day and we purchase it same dirty cloth.

No parking space during the season. During this pandemic it will be the worst decision to do to shop on store.

Time consuming is what happens when you can’t find the dress you need spending all day and coming home with empty hands or bring something you don’t is also difficult to decide which to buy an we cannot stay in one store for long time and sometimes you tend t buy unnecessary which we don’t use for the occasion. It is always difficult and forget the item to buy. 

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Do you plan to shop mostly in-store this holiday season or mostly online?

If you shop online, what sites do you intend on using the most?

Will you shop major online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and/or Best Buy?

Ebey is very popular and many choices. And the interface very good. Easy t categories and they have goods all around the world. Shipping cost free and sometimes is there for a reasonable price.

I prefer online then in store because we can decide it comfortably at home. The freedom is there to study bout the product.

Also you can read the review of people who have purchase the product. Amazon is okay but very expensive and not many choices to buy.

Online is the best way to buy products because we can make the decision well and choose the right product and tailor made for our need and occasion. Sometimes online products takes time to deliver but mostly it comes.

There are certain things like online you can’t touch the product and when ordering a shirt or t shirt if the size is selected it doesn’t fit well. Sometimes product is damage. You cannot bargain or negotiate.

There are hidden cost and shipping charges. Not much interaction. Those are the problems but still you will find the right product for right occasion. 

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When buying grocery items you cannot find if it’s fresh or not fresh in online. When comparing with traditional shopping it is authentic and you will not come across any fraud activity.

From online you can gain more loyalty point then offline shopping because it has the records stores. But in traditional shopping sometimes the data is missing and we can’t trace them. Problem in amazon is that it has more service charge. Product is difficult t find and hard to track the product. More returns are happen.

Online shopping can save time and save money and find to right product. Sometimes the stores are not available in your region so online shop it and deliver to door step is much easier. There are some problems in online is too many advertising and pop up and which it accidently click it changes all the order.

When It comes to auction sometimes last minute slippage can lose the product. Sometimes shopping in non-reputable website can lose our money in credit card. some sites has no security payment gateway. There will be email scams online due to the product and the vendor will try to sell more in this product.

In past shoppers used to look at a yellow page and call and go purchase the item. Now online is the trend and Artificial intelligent can make your purchase as well which help online shopping and only thing is delivery time and trust on vendor who sells the right product

Do you plan to shop online from smaller businesses or individual entrepreneurs (for example: Etsy)?

I can give a try for small business and see if the items are secured and payment is secured and if they have a good custormer service to contact anytime then it ok to do business with them like Etsy and smaller business. Etsy has built some trust and have some good traffic and sales for last couple of years the policy is very important in any website if its violated we have to start from scratch that means from beginning.

The website is simple website where it’s not very tailor made for the item and limited options. Good thing in Etsy is less ads which help the consumer to look for the item well. Etsy has attract the consumers well with design Spotify and easy has more higher traffic.

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Etsy is has more chances of selling. Etsy market connects more people than other shopping website. Smaller business can be much easier to shop because its less conjunction and time consuming.

Do you plan to shop using social media ads such as Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram is most common using platforms in the world where people buy and sell items fast without any restrictions. But the problem in this platform is that the number of scams is higher and it’s too risky to trust and so many fake accounts and people get caught to that I don’t shop on Facebook and Instagram because it’s not trusted place to spend money. Mostly trust has lost in social media where its difficult to know who is real and fake. Facebook is not always ads and shopping. It’s also t sharing data from different profile.

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What Facebook plans take data from profile and sell it where ads match our interest. As secured I prefer to shop on reliable website like ebey and the Facebook and Instagram interface s easy. When shopping on Facebook and Instagram you become addictive. There are many identify theft and anti-social behavior malware and people loss of productiveness on Facebook and Instagram. Many spam advertising and out of control notification. Hackers actively alter people’s profile. There is no privacy on people can look for you.

Shopping in social media is like increase the non-existing anxiety. many misunderstanding can happen in social media where they don’t communicate well. Many complication can happen sopping as well

Are there any other plans you have in mind for shopping this holiday season that we have not addressed above? Please share!

When it comes to online shopping the only payment method is visa or masters. But still crypto currencies are not implemented yet. Which is a bigger disadvantage where many of us deal with crypto currencies it’s much safer and and easier and payment is faster. The problem with card payment sometimes cards are charged without any authority of the consumer and money not refunded and bank takes unto 3 to 4 days for transaction to be a new shopping experience we expect crypto currencies.

In this holiday season it’s better to stay at home and look after our self. This is has been biggest e we see the shopping will be starting earlier and mostly its crowded many will stand social distance. Most of the sales will be done online with less cost. Online shipping will come across many delays where the purchase items take time. Most of them will spend less in this year due to many are unemployed and no money to shop. Most of the traditional gift will be out of stock and modern gift will be available for consumers.

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Online shopping will be more important than ever. The New Year celebration will be a slow and emotional unhappy one and it will be same for 2021 as well. Whether it’s online or offline it is important to deliver on time and softly. Due to Covid country can be lockdown any minute and the holiday season has come early then before. The spending attitude has changed. Most of them are in debts and stress with health issues. Consumers will invest more time before purchasing a item because information is available anytime. During this time there is more cashback in shopping online which they keep on purchasing more items. People cannot depend on traditional black Friday .

There has been shipping notification scams and fake holiday e cards and email pashing. Most site URL is not secured online gateway. Online they ask for personal info and spam us with email. Most of them have cut back there gift and spending less. However the pandemic has directly impact on purchasing both supply and demand and needs to complete more visibility during this year.