These products are made with alternative and upcycled ingredients

BY THE MARKETING PLACE | August 12, 2021

Tell us about your experience shopping for products with alternative and/or upcycled ingredients. When shopping for food, do you currently seek out alternative or upcycled ingredients? Why or why not? (For example, is it for a specific diet? nutrition? sustainability?) 

When shopping for food first thing I question my self is why I am buying this. After that I check the brand name first. A good brand name has influence me to buy stuff. Then I look at the nutrition value. nowadays 90% of people no matter how busy they are they look for healthy items. For me the same. I always take 5 to 10 minutes I read the description of the items and get to know about product. Many companies nowadays enter their story how the business starts and a good company they do charity and donation for every time someone buys the product. Despite of everything the main important thing for the consumer is see what are the ingredients used in the product and how will it affect my health.

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As a fitness person they more look for protein then fiber. But most foods has more artificial and preservatives and chemicals which people don’t want to buy that product. I usually read matter price is high if the product is health. It’s not about money it’s how it affects the health. Age category with myself I usually go for nutrition value which balance the health's. As an example fast food is expensive and very easy to purchase because company sell with showing calories but healthy wise it’s not same.

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They target the younger generation and once the company can’t sell the products they target children with toys and playground inside a fast food outlet and the children wants to play and they have the favorite cartoon character with the food. They are not fond of food but toys. Like that when shopping they attach the food with frying pan and another product or give a cashback or sell it fast expiry 50% discounted people buy them because food products are consumed fast. Mostly people shop bulk ad keep adding to shopping cart. For me I am very health concerns and I eat very less food which I don’t want to go unhealthy. sometimes people say things to me I don’t eat much I am stubborn and I don’t enjoy their food .well I actually enjoy food which match my taste buds. therefore my taste buds is more like morning small amount of food consists of protein, fiber, fat, and some amino and olive oil little mayo for taste some eggs and drink plenty of water because our body needs more fluid then food.

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Why I tailor my food then buying or eating without not concerning is that now information is available anytime and people can find what food they are eating for me I really look into the food because my health is most important asset then money and material. I have done kito diet and people complain that it breaks all the fiber and strength of a person who has done that diet I lost a lot weight and I was able wear my old cloths back and look smart and save money on not buying new shirt and t shirts. Because shape is something people like. If a person has a six pack and well build body he or she can be personal brand to sell products to the fitness industry and people will start to believe him or her because eating food and got six pack with that food. but actually it’s not the food all the time it’s the gym or exercise which shape. Food to run the body. Knowing this most people realize will they start to buy supplement then tailor made food. I hope you get my point with example.

If you shop for alternative and/or upcycled ingredients, what are you looking for specifically? Where are you usually looking for these items in a food store (section or aisle)?

Fruits, vegetables, daily products and oil fat butter to fry some eggs and some fluid to keep hydride. I am not fan of bakery items because it’s a total fiber and unhealthy but having little helps the body. Usually these items are available at the entrance some place they don’t want it in store they sell it outside. Whenever I shop I always buy what is important a decided. And whenever I see other product or something new I just skip. I spend researching the product then buying it on first impression. nowadays packaging is very important for company to attract the consumer to buy the product. I really like looking into organic food in super market buy its way t expensive for purchasing. therefore whatever organic I and my father grow up in our garden and its pure organic wit own soil and we 100% sure to consume it without any food description.

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Shopping in supermarket we really look into rice as Asian I am used to eat more rice mostly red and fish is good. But sometimes I desire and eager says to get some fast food because we live once and we won’t able to enjoy the food once we die. But everything has to be balance or we will be unhealthy .i have notice mostly fruits and off cuts are made into juices and sold as fresh juice and people still buy because they are lazy to buy fruits and make it. for me I don’t get caught for those. I just buy fruits and not unicycle foods and make it my own way.

What types of food products made with upcycled ingredients would you be most excited to try? What types of upcycled food products would you not want to try? 

I am not really big fan but if I had to consume the food I will buy some cakes and cookies and biscuits just to eat when I am alone and enjoy it. some chocolates are ok but not really fond of eating them. Even chips are ok but I don’t often consume them because I only eat what is organic and primary. Mixed and stuffed bakery items I have come across many food poison and diarrhea and stop eating them.

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I like to try mixed of meat items and vegetable mixed can be different taste upcycled and gives a different taste buds for the items. Coconut water mixed with lemon juice is what I love on a hot sunny day with some ice green tea and ginger is something has hit my taste buds. Butter and coffee has some unique taste   

Has the recent Covid-19 pandemic impacted your food choices as they relate to alternative and/or upcycled ingredients? (For example, are there foods you look for now that you didn't shop for before? Things you are willing to pay more for? Foods you avoid?) 

Not only me for everyone covid has impacted the food and I have stated shopping not essential purchasing and I only purchase what is essential. Because people worried that when they will die due to pandemic so just like them I struggled really hard to get a job and I start managing myself buy stopping going restaurants and eating like never eaten before and only just focusing on what I can eat little and do fasting .because food is toxic sometimes and it can worsen the covid problem into double my illness.

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But for young people like 12 to 25 they can have it because the body is very functional and for me my body stating to be weak and more vulnerable to any illness therefore I have to look very carefully when buying stuff. I have reduce the purchasing and stop buying a lot of stuff and social gathering and wasting time with people as well. There are some food items you can consume and the stomach just fill up like soya meat and eggs. Hats more enough for breakfast and lunch consume a little and dinner eat some fruits because when it’s hard to digest at night I am unable to sleep. Anyway once the covid is resolved people will start to concern more in health hen buying spree because the death is unimaginable and the population has balanced well with nature and people will for small time and for that time anything can happen.

Once the heart stops in sec everything I we don’t know much about life. But food is need to lie and function the body or it will change. Comparing to 20 years back now the information is more available and no need to be more hard work fading them. Everything is easy and expensive as well. Covid really impacted everyone without labeling which country should be affected. For me and for everyone


What new product would you like to see made with either alternative or upcycled ingredients? This should be something you would not find currently in stores today?

Right now with the situation and markets mostly herbal items mixed with tea and coffee because tea and coffee is most consumed liquid just after water. People start there day with coffee and tea. Some products are available in market. When it comes to herbal tea mixed with all the organic ingredient people will start to drink it. For me I prefer mixed herbal juice either powder or also helps to fight with covid and its not available to find much in stores because the ingredients has not found in European counties but Asian they have and grow.

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so japan lives more than 100 years then Americans. Maybe they live in organic farm with right food and environment. Other product’s like mixed vegetable items together and sold is also good to shops I mostly like to see more organic stores and less process and fast food. Sunlight is very important for vitamin D. mushrooms absorb vitamin D when dried in sunlight. therefore if sun dried mushroom sold with vitamin d it will help to fight with covid .another product is coconut water is more required to human which has good fluid and it helps.

Soursup fruit is very highly demand in market and it’s not available. Fresh water from waterfalls in mountains and water from artic iceberg is not available .Different types of grains. I have not seen a different section for children food items. because everything mixed and they have to find them all around


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