What do you think is the best medium to use for selling my daily quarantine quotes?

BY THE MARKETING PLACE | August 06, 2021

Wrapping paper will be my answer. The reason is wrapping paper is more useable. Let’s take sticky notes. Sticky notes are now available on smartphones therefore people won’t be interested to add quotes on sticky notes thy can easily get it from Google. Branded mugs can be used but you cannot use a lot of quotes and if the mugs fall down and it breaks the quotation will go missing. Calendars are not useable in this era and now everything can be seen on smartphones. Now I will say why wrapping paper is important for selling. At this pandemic there are most important things for human. Food, health and money. People are unable to go out and now they are used to stay at home and order meals.

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When the food is wrapped by a message they will able to think that they are not alone and have hope and we all will fight this together. Not only food any item’s they purchase they can find some encouragement to live this life. This would be the best marketing tool for selling products. Even children can open their gifts and presents during this time therefore they can start to love themselves and they will share with everyone. Example it’s your birthday and you get a gift with a you will take a picture of your gift with the message and share in your social media and everyone will start to follow your products. Wrapping paper is old school and funky. Wrapping paper can be used anywhere and the message is very powerful and people will anyway have to read before opening a product. The cost of printing on a wrapping paper is very low and fast moving because it can be reuse.

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Wrapping paper can be arrange according to custormer preference. It is the first thing people see when they open the gift or product. It can be memorable souvenir for anyone who unwrap and read it. At this period the most rushing place is the medical sector. They don’t have much time to go out and sleep well. The only resting place is during lunch and nap time. Selling the quotes on that time will give them courage to fight with covid and save many people in the world. The quotes send through wrapping pepper goes to memories faster than other medium. People will try to collect wraps and wrap it with another product and share it. Wrapping can be done fast and people can afforded to buy them. Selling product has been difficult during this time. People are struggling with fear. Sending quotes with wrap saves your time and money.

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Any business firm is looking for something simple and easy to sell. Vendors like health and medical and food they like it sell in a beautiful wrap and unwrap in a creative way. Once they find a vaccine to Covid it can be wrapped well. Wrapping paper can mix with colors and be very attracting to anyone who opens it. If you ever heard of fortune cookie you know how it’s domelike that wrapping is the best method for any business.

What strategy would you use to market & get the word out for my daily quarantine quotes? Why do you think your strategy would be successful?

It’s always easy nowadays to open a website and add your products and share it in social media and everyone can see. But how many would really purchase that product. The quicker you want it more vulnerable you are. YouTube and Instagram you see the energy is high but business action is slow. Every day you look at the data and think where you should market and have somebody attention.

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Before you sell you should have somebody attention. Every business is all simple game put in platform like TV newspaper who gets the attention. Right now everyone has the internet and understand how quickly it’s happening. Right now everything is accessible. No matter where you are it can be posted. The quickest way to market to be accountable. Everyone has no excuse to say that they don’t have smartphone. Many platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn is very fast moving. If you are capable of writing words and make video and post it and you have the best strategies.

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Many of them don’t sell because of worry about judgment of family what others think. Your own thoughts are fascinating and people are not posting on social media what they do is they don’t sell. In America in Brazil in china people worry about people and building personal brand. Becoming remarkably patient is the key to b2b business number 1 start a podcast and email it to 250 people and get influence on LinkedIn. There is so much information now available. Today is the day to tell your story in all the platforms. Look at uber amazon they separate big and make it small scale and bring higher distribution and not the quality of product it is important to communicate. Sometimes you think the product is not good but client says its grate. If you are in the business world and be communicator. This scale is merging and accelerator.

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Understand what kind of communicator you are .There will be more social media platforms. There will be more hashtags then products on social media. You should have a lot of self-awareness .Cartoons on instagram is the best way to communicate the quotation. Many people just want email phone number and sell the product but no value. Email marketing in 2000s was best those days. But now people are spamming and sell every post but no value. Business is super basic. If you are not producing contents then how can you sell them? The more content like 30, 40, and 50 content a day. It is the volume you produce in a day. The production value is more but no actual story.

What tools/platforms (ex. shopify, etsy, etc.) would you use to set up an online shop? Additionally, if you know of vendors, startups, or other resources that make this process easy, please include that information in your answer!

Best way is to get affiliated with other companies and start promoting your products with their products online. therefore their product will be sold and you get commission and your product sells and you get profit. Organic content is value then ads on Spotify or Instagram. For online shop build a good website and start posting contents and make it run. Get your website more affiliated and run the more content if you want to be in B2B magazine. It’s easy to open the website and sell the products but how about drop shipping. Can you manage it with so much products? Hats why we need to make the community not selling. Building trust is important.

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You can check my website and see . On my website you find all the answers because I have posted all the best vendors, startup and resources where you can run business well.

Spotify is one platform. But now 2020 we have more platforms which way better than Spotify. Dont think about logo don’t think about best platforms. Think about brand and post on all the platforms. The number of views clicks and up votes will get your business everywhere around to build relationship. Facebook messenger and WhatsApp is the best way to get into people. But before that you have to create a brand. Do not stick into one social media platform. Always post in all the media platforms .Check is now more views on a post then twitter or Facebook. YouTube need more videos and have to keep posting the products but the revenue you generate from YouTube is more than other social media.

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You can have the best online shopping website but if it’s not communicate it won’t be selling products. The smaller the company more often can do is one one affiliated marketing you can be vendor or affiliate. How everything is structure you take the responsibility is actually place out. When you do couple of things and when it’s working you keep doing it. is the place you can link all the websites and start sharing on and you get more sales and clicks on the products. Subjective emotions and ideology is what kills people on when starting something. You don’t have to have better platforms. You can share your business on any social media .

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use all the dating website lespak or amino and chat with them ad sell and promote your products .people check the other. Best investment platforms lie iqopton is you will find an account manager and you find 24 hours chat room and people who got into and invest they earn grate money and they build relationship and sell business. Hit every single podcast and have own podcast own media company and sell your products and bring personal brand. People will find you if you doing well. Try all the sites I shared and do more contend and get affiliated. Check my website you find more.

Even you can go to dark web and sell your products without getting known and people visit more often anonymous online and sell a lot and earn profit. There is no easy process without more content on and not paying outside the framework. Always dig into to a platform that not scalable. All the platforms work in algorithm works if posted more context and content regulary. there is no good day to post. Every day is a good day. Watch more videos like Garyvee .he has some grate advice you can learn lot from him.

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you can sell anything anywhere. Just need to share it as much as website and best to get more ideas and anybooks on play store you can read more books about marketing


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