What does the future look like for micro-mobility?

BY THE MARKETING PLACE | August 07, 2021

What do you see as the positives of micro-mobility options?

Micro mobility is the future for many people. What I see positives in micro mobility is that it is affordable for everyone. Even a poor or rich it can be purchase in a good price. Now days people are fond of exotic cars but to purchase those cars and maintain it is the problem and that will lead to my next point it can be maintain easily for repairs and it’s very cost efficiently .everyday new cars come up and old cars are dump in trash and people are more looking into future cars. These small mobile travelling helps each and individual do work in a light way.

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When it comes to traveling saftey is main key. If the mobility is not safe people won’t be will to try it. These small traveling device are more safe then exotic cars with loud engine and this helps the environment. Carbon emission is one key feature to protect the environment and this product helps it especially on busy city. Uber is now rising and people need fast delivery due to pandemic.

This would be the job creating for the food industry where it can be fast and more jobs will be created for younger generations by micro mobility. Parking space is a problem in many areas and traffic jam keep rising with parking space. With micro have more parking space and save lot of time in traffic. Electric bicycles can help a person to enjoy t ride and health beneficial. It can be connected with smart device and lock the bike with 2step verification and each one has own an example it can locked with magnet seal with metal so there won’t be any theft to steal can be charged any hotspot. Gas price are going high and depreciation. Solar energy will be key for this product. Finally the Covid is shifting urban to micro mobility.

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Rider demand is unlimited. Decreased call for outmoded vehicles. Due to the modern technology everything has changed and the demand for modern vehicles are higher because of the time and self-urgencies to get things done fast. Therefore people are looking for modern and fast process vehicles. The market has change. The companies of has changed their ideas and tailor made mobile vehicles into consumer needs ex: Uber and delivery has to be fast. Number of trips are higher comparing to random vehicle.

When traveling by car a person use the vehicle only for important matter either work or emergency and skip the short trips. But with micro mobility it can be used regularly without a lot of energy and cost and travel short trips more often. There are certain roads that vehicles are unable to travel but with scooters you can travel the short distance and also from railway station to working place there is no transport but with scooters it’s able to travel that short distance. Due to the pandemic it has helped the social distance from travelling scooters has helped a lot during this time for traveling and purpose.

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Many huge companies and universities can use this mode of transport to travel from class to class E scooters doesn’t affect higher risk of traffic deaths  

What do you see as the negatives of micro-mobility options?

When it comes to negatives travelling long distance can be a problem because it can take more time to travel one place to people try to move into a vehicle and ride the vehicle. When your friends ride an exotic car and you ride this you will be separated from the people try to be. It can judgmental and label to ride. There is proper rode to ride the micro mobile and it can disturb the other is hard to get the young people into micro mobility they are more into exotic cars. With new vehicles saftey concerns are very important.

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Visibility and stability .There is no proper road systems for small vehicles and accidents may happen due to improper road system. City needs to be managed and design Local Regulation has to be right when it comes to control. People are feeling they’re increasingly tracked and that tech companies know what they’re doing. Disadvantage of high-tech micro mobility options the location can be tracked and the person can be vulnerable for hackers. Motors bikes has been the challenge for micro mobility. It’s hard to monitor the control. It’s not the same depend on the region.

Lack of mobility data and roads are consistently changing. Cities need to start to embrace the tech instead of killing to protect the old industries. Grate example is during lockdown streets were quite. Some cities, national government and public transport not allowed. Some countries they don’t allow to park in random spaces to due private parking space and disturbs the vehicles and parking violation can cause the vehicle to toll out the area to different location and claim the fine. During different weather conditions it cannot be travel. Many countries doesn’t have the same weather conditions. Therefore it is unable to travel. People has avoided the public transport to travel work place. 

Uncomfortable for elder people to travel. When people grow age and difficult to handle they will look for comforts mode to travel     

What will the future of micro-mobility look like in 5 years? 

Micro mobility drones will be the future where people will travel in the air. If we remember the childhood stories like harry potter where people travel to place by broom stick which they can play games with we still expect a future like that travelling by air. But it’s not easy due to saftey concerns and country policy if it goes to wrong hands it can cause massive destruction for human life.

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Sometimes traditional system is slow and safe comparing with new technological system. Sometimes new technology is much better save time. We cannot predict the future that this will be happening here. Just like covid we didn’t expect a thing will stop the world by travelling. Right now I feel the motor bike is what I use. Maybe the micro motors will change the people life. For everything saftey is number one matter we travel by fastest car or smallest car the destination is the can comfortable or uncomfortable. Driving safety without harming other humans and animals is the main priority for micro mobile. There will be micro mobility travel in ice and Forest Mountains will safari. Micro mobility NASCAR and race will be there.AI will control the systems and vehicle will be control by voice recognition.

Space x will use more in moon and mars to travel and carry gods light weight. Smart scooters with artificial intelligent control and robot drive the vehicle without any help from the passenger

What will the future of micro-mobility look like in 20 years? 

The wheels will be gone and it will be controlled by a bot or driverless micro mobility and people will use in space to travel from moon to earth. Tesla will introduce micro mobility in space and Micro x by tesla. The old vehicles will be crash and dump in trash. Earth resources will be gone. And it will be smart world with robots controlling the work we do. Comparing now with 20 years before war has not stop.

so people will fight more with new technology. Micro mobility will be used in war to fight against best humans. Transportation will be on air and more air traffic jobs will be demand. Micro mobile will use on sea for sea transportation and underground diving it will be used. Healthy wise people will be lazier and not walk and they will find more diseases which will cause damage t health. There will be more traffic jam in micro mobility in air and sea and people will find difficult to find space. Everything will be automated and more mental stress will increase. Loneliness will increase. People will start to have business meetings and conference inside the vehicle. There will be more vehicles in moon and people will travel regularly from earth to moon. Goods will be transport from moon to earth and tourism will boom from space and many jobs will be created working in moon and earth.

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Medical sector will use more vehicles to handle accidents. Firefighting team will use them. Police and army will use to fight. There will be more advance data sharing. This new atmosphere will be based on common data, a real accepting of the period effect of micro services, aligned goals and much greater collaboration between city authorities and earners. It’s not a journey that can be made in a single step, and there will be plenty more mistakes along the way. But with the right care frameworks in place, e-scooters can provide a real contribution to structure our cities cleaner, quieter, more nearby and enjoyable — and, perhaps most imperative of all, more workable places to living. Streets will be changed into modern roads with structured system. The lifetime of the scooters will be expanded one time purchase .Micro trains to travel long distance from one place to another.

Micro scooters will be on fashion magazine with models and movies. All the companies will introduce more micro mobility vehicles to company and they will make more business to day to day life. Micro mobility limo will be given. Buses will provide mobile parking space so it can be collected anywhere in the city Algorithm changes and updates every time and it can be customize according to consumer needs. Custormer can make their own micro mobile vehicle in the website and pre order it to door step. Driverless Uber vehicles will used more often.

Public transportation will be gone .Micro mobile airport will be around world where they can travel within less hours and fast. Private vehicles and VIP will be given. Climet crisis will give priority and more jobs will turn into green with the vehicle 


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